Comfort Food Comics The Podcast – Episode #36: The Ultimates Vol. 1 #1-6

Comfort Food Comics: The Podcast highlights our first NON comfort food selection as we travel back to the Post 9/11 insanity of the Aughts! This is one of our best episodes yet. Join us as we discover Mark Millar is the Tim Allen of comics. You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy as we discuss and rank The Ultimates Vol. 1 #1-6.

Episode 43 – The Vision & The Scarlet Witch Vol 2 Comfort Food Comics

As our faithful listeners know, Comfort Food Comics is all about that media collaboration–so this week we have a special selection to coincide with the release of the latest MCU series.  Talk about synergy folks!  Listen in as we rank and discuss the titular Vision and Scarlet Witch mini-series event in The Vision and Scarlet Witch Vol. 2 #1 – 12, with a little side of West Coast Avengers #2 mixed in to keep the story going.  Enjoy!
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  4. Episode 40 – Marvel Holiday Special (1991)
  5. Episode 39 – X-Men Xmas Special

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