Comfort Food Comics The Podcast – Episode #29: Batman – The Black Casebook Special

On this week’s episode of Comfort Food Comics: The Podcast, the duo take a peek behind the curtain of Grant Morrison’s epic Batman run and examine the Silver Age titles that inspired and impacted the widely popular Batman: RIP storyline.  Sit back and enjoy as we dive into Batman’s “Black Casebook” as we discuss and rank Detective Comics #247: The Man Who Ended Batman’s Career; Batman #113: Batman, The Superman of Planet X; Detective Comics #267: Enter Bat-Mite; Detective Comics #235: The First Batman; Detective Comics #215: The Batmen of Many Nations; World’s Finest #89: The Club of Heroes; Batman #65: A Partner for Batman; Batman #86: Batman Indian Chief; Detective Comics #241: The Rainbow Batman; Batman #134: The Rainbow Creature; Batman #112: Am I Really Batman?; and Batman #156: Robin Dies at Dawn.

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