We Ran: An Exploration and Explanation of Final Crisis – #0 by Justin Partridge

Who I Am

How I Came to Be

How I Discovered The Day Evil Won

We all have things we love that we struggle to explain.

I, it seems, just have a lot more than others. A cursory look at my Twitter feed will display how and why. For those that don’t know, I am Justin Partridge, writer, critic, dreamweaver. I am want to yell about a lot of the things I love with almost embarrassing volume and intensity. Be it the Trial of a Time Lord or the elegance of Hypertime, odds are you have heard me talk about it.

But I don’t talk about anything more than I talk about Final Crisis, the trippiest, most romantic, and just balls-out-crazy comic event I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I first discovered the “Hypercrisis” in 2009, in the bombed out bones of a Hastings. The first three issues were available at a deep discount, having been shuffled from the main display racks to the discount spinners surrounded by Korn tees and glass coasters with weed leaves all over them.

The striking trade dress drew me in, as did the stony, portrait-ready artwork that poked through the covers. But the stories inside just…frustrated the living fuck out of me. I read and reread them, devoid of context as well as the resolution to #3’s cliffhanger, which found Wonder Woman transformed into an Anti-Life enslaved Uber-Female Fury. Questions burned my teenage, hormone soaked brain. How was Darkseid back? How was Orion killed? WHO THE FUCK IS DAN TURPIN?!

I then spent time I could have been using to socialize and smooch people studying the Tao of Morrison. I pivoted from my Dune-dominated reading to read…literally everything Grant Morrison had ever written at that point. I was already WAY in on his Action Comics run, but I resolved myself to understand Final Crisis. To unlock it’s mysteries, both intention and form, not only for myself, but for the DCU that it seemed to hold within it’s pages. The one that was just…fully crazy and fully beautiful in ways that I could barely even comprehend.

It only took a decade but I think I have finally done it. Which is what brings us to here, now, right now. Dave was lovely enough to provide me a platform (as well as just enough road to fully crash and burn on) to…try and explain HOW and WHY this comic works for me and for others. While also trying to provide some much needed context for one of the most famously implacable comic events of all time. 

We are going to go through the entire saga here, with special “one-shot” essays on it’s tie-ins. And we will have other surprises along the way! Dave is going to join me eventually, to talk about one of his favorite issues. I am also going to have guests! Smart, ultra eloquent guests! Guests who stand outside of the regular cis-het-white-dude paradigm to gain some much needed new perspspspspsectives on event comics, superherodom, and The Morrison as we ride this crazy, cosmic train of rock until we DIE.

That might be hyperbolic, but it IS happening. Join us, won’t you? 

Heroes die, but legends live forever. Let’s be legends.

NEXT TIME: #1! Super mukmuks! A Death in Heaven! A Sermon from the Bible of Crime! DO I HEAR A HALLELUJAH?!

Be seeing you…

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