Comfort Food Comics – “Friday Night In The 21st Century” from Action Comics #900

Were going to talk about Action Comics #900. No were not going to talk about Paul Cornell & Pete Wood’s brilliant “The Black Ring” storyline. Were going to talk about a quiet 3 page anniversary special story that nobody ever brings up. To me, its perfect. I love it. Its always popping into my head. Its always bringing a smile to my face.

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank team up yet again to do a really cute tiny story that draws on their run on Supes & work with the Legion of Superheroes and it cuts to the essential core of Clark, Lois and all his 31st Century buds. Brad Anderson colors it while John J. Hill letters.

So much of what people forget about the Legion of Superheroes is that they are Superman’s camp friends. He grew up with them. After school he’d hop into the future to join the Legion in their clubhouse, hang out and handle business when needed. Its why they are such a cool idea and why I think Superman is integral to any Legion team. One thing the Legion loses when Superman grows up is adult Clark isnt hopping into the future after school anymore. He’s lost contact with his old group of buddies. Lois Lane, the childhood Army brat knows better than anyone how easy it is to lose childhood friends. And thats what this story is all about presented in its whole 3 page entirety below:

I dont have to tell you how gorgeous Gary Frank’s art is. His Christopher Reeve influenced Clark and Lois is always a delight and he really flexes his muscles in these pages. The plot is Lois is sorting through the mess that is her work desk to find a Legion Flight Ring given to her by Saturn Girl. All she wants is to something nice for Clark. Give him a small fraction of what passes for a normal life. So, she invites the Legion over to their place for a Friday Night party. It’s simple, it’s charming, its brilliant and its just so FUN! This right here is everything I could ever want out of comics. Its nourishing to me.